Any changes to the data will be listed here. As for now, all data is updated as of 15 May 2021. If you find any mistakes, please write me a mail.

I published this website on 29 July 2021. Updates to this site are subject to time constraints and actual demand. The following updates are planned:

  • Create a pdf version of the entire content
  • Translate website to German
  • Check inconsistencies with other policy trackers
  • Verify data with official institutions
  • Update data

If anything on this list is important for your research, please tell me so I can prioritise accordingly.

Update, 7 September: I made a list with discrepancies between the OxCGRT dataset and mine. You can download the list in .csv format here, the R code I used for compiling the list here, and a shortened version of the list in .xlsx format here. The shortened version does not include the most common difference where OxCGRT researchers coded a country in category 2 (“require not leaving the house with exceptions for daily exercise, grocery shopping, and “essential” trips”). In my analysis, I focused on the “daily exercise” part and according to my findings, the countries in the list didn’t allow all their citizens to do exercise every day or only did so with further restrictions, e.g. only 1 hour a day, only at certain hours according to a timetable, only after sending a text message (e.g. in Greece) etc. So this difference between our datasets can be explained by different definitions of categories.

In the xls file I only listed the two other types of differences: Those countries and days where either OxCGRT coded a stay-at-home order and I didn’t or I did and OxCGRT didn’t. Luckily, for most countries at most days we agree on whether they have been under a stay-at-home order or not. Many of the differences are one or two days at the beginning or end of lockdowns, so I assume either side will have misinterpreted the date of announcing lockdown with the date it came into effect. However, there are several countries which require further investigation. I will work through this list in the coming weeks.