Call for support

If you’ve read this far, chances are that you would like to support my initiative. Here are four types of support I could need:

  1. Correct me! This is the most important way you can contribute. Especially if you find any incorrect or missing information in the dataset, please let me know! Here’s my E-Mail: a-good-reason (at) Even if you just find a typo in the data or on the website, feel free to point it out.
  2. Use my dataset for your research. I’ve been planning for at least half a year to convert all the information you find here into an academic paper. I m also planned to apply for PhD funding based on what I’ve done so far. But frankly, I’m tired. Collecting all the information you find here already meant many months of unpaid, unpleasant, lonely work. For the time being I don’t have the time and mental force to write a good scientific article all on my own. If you are willing to collaborate on research with me, I’d be more than happy to make contributions though.
  3. For my fellow Germans: I’d be interested in starting a similar project focussing only on curfews/stay-at-home orders in Germany. My idea is to scan through the official documents of all 400 German municipalities’ websites to create a dataset of stay-at-home restrictions in Germany. On top, I’d translate the content of this website, potentially rewriting it with a focus on Germany. I’ve already bought the domain for that purpose. But as mentioned before, I’m too tired. I can’t do another project like this all on my own. I’d need at least one, preferable more partners to work together.
  4. Pay me. If you find my work valuable and have sufficient resources, I’d be more than happy to receive donations. Note that for the time being, I’m just a single person, not an institution. And quite a broke person, too, because I spend my time obsessing over lockdowns instead of getting paid work. I quit my job in Germany almost a year ago and have been living in Sweden since. Life is expensive here and all I’ve got is a remote job in Germany that pays me 450 Euro a month, plus some volunteering in exchange for discounted accommodation. I can’t afford health insurance either. In March I’ll begin a full-time job for 5 months so that in some months, I’ll hopefully be able to see a positive balance on my bank account at least at the beginning of the month. I’m just writing this to prevent any false illusions, if you send me a few Euro, I’ll be very happy, but I will spend it on food and beer, not on any noble cause. If you want to give a larger sum, I’m even happier of course, and if I’d get sufficient funding to cover my expenses, I’d be more than happy to keep this project running on a full-time basis.

Please insert coin here:

Bank account: Jean von Agris, IBAN: DE26430609676015993700, BIC: GENODEM1GLS


Monero wallet: 89hRa4XMKfeGCEPZGxoQvNRZ6NZyBduSP3Uyzv8RTN9EGaTpG46F9e4GMp73cVtwv5BRgap35ECLmK74uBxsnqzUJyFTyYF